About the Stables

Island Arabians is an Arabian breeding farm located on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of British Columbia. We are a small breeder with a select group of mares, committed to producing offspring from the best bloodlines.

We strive to produce versatile horses that will perform as superb breeding stock or show and pleasure prospects. Our goal is to give our foals the best start possible in order to offer youngsters with good minds that will facilitate success in future training. The size of our operation makes that possible, with each new arrival treated with care in a process that ensures they bond well with the humans in their environment.

At Island Arabians our horses are turned out onto generous pasture every day, weather permitting. We believe this makes our horses more robust and content. Youngsters are turned out together, providing them with the opportunity to learn how to interact with other horses. Breeding stallions are not maintained on the farm. Sires are chosen to fit with each mare's pedigree to produce desired conformation, size and ability.

Susan and Will Nichol came to live at the farm in September 1999. Susan had 25 years experience with horses including owner/operator of a 20 horse boarding and training stable, veterinary assistant and thoroughbred breeding farm hand. Broodmares and foals are Susan's specialty. She believes in giving the highest quality care possible before, during and after pregnancy. Keeping broodmares calm and happy is paramount to a good pregnancy and healthy foal. Consistent handling of the foals from birth prepares them for their future careers.Training is started early with a gentle and slow approach. Our goal is to build a bond of trust and respect and our success is evident in the well mannered, sound horses that we are producing.

Research is continuing on the bloodlines of our horses. We are gathering information and photographs of these horses and we hope that you will find it just as interesting as we do. We've unearthed quite a bit of new information about their history that we're sure you'll enjoy. Check out our hyperlinks to the pedigrees we've researched.

We offer a very limited number of horses for sale, allowing us to continue our breeding program.

If you're interested in any of the horses on this site, we'd love to hear from you!

Dot - the rescue barn cat

Will with Island Tempest

Susan with Island Prince Johari (9 weeks old)